Is Your iPad Keyboard Missing? Here's How To Find It!

Is Your iPad Keyboard Missing? Here’s How To Find It!

Considering that most of us rely on the iPad’s touchscreen keyboard for typing, it’s more than understandable that someone would become frustrated if their iPad keyboard went missing.  Surprisingly, this is actually a fairly common occurrence. Over the last week alone I’ve received numerous emails from iPad owners saying that their keyboard disappeared.

So what in the wide world of iPads would cause the keyboard to disappear? Is it because the iPad owner told the keyboard that it had to be home by 10PM and keyboard ran away?

Maybe, but the more likely answer is that the iPad is still connected to a wireless keyboard via Bluetooth or at least it thinks it is. Even if you have turned the wireless keyboard off or moved it out of range, the iPad will still be looking for it and thus will not allow the on-screen keyboard to function. Fortunately, there’s a way to get your iPad keyboard back home.

Missing iPad Keyboard

Learn how to fix a missing iPad keyboard in a few simple steps.


1. Open the iPad Settings app.

2. Select General -> Bluetooth to enter the iPad’s Bluetooth settings.

3. Under “Devices”, select the name of the wireless keyboard that you had previously used with the iPad.

4. In the resulting screen, press “Forget this Device” to un-pair the iPad with that keyboard. This should restore your on-screen keyboard.

Alternatively, in the Bluetooth settings screen you can turn Bluetooth off which will have the same effect. The disadvantage of this method is that you will not be able to use other Bluetooth devices while the setting is set to “OFF”.

Some iPad wireless keyboards have an “Eject” button (icon will look like an upward pointing triangle with a horizontal line under it, usually in the upper right corner) that when pressed will bring up the on-screen keyboard. If your keyboard has disappeared, this may a way to use the iPad’s touchscreen keyboard without having to enter Bluetooth settings.

Did this help you find your missing iPad keyboard? Speaking of which, what type of iPad keyboard do you use?

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