How to Use Your Phone Number for FaceTime on the iPad

How to Use Your Phone Number for FaceTime on the iPad

Before iOS 6, iPad owners could only FaceTime using an email address but never a phone number. Can you guess what changed after iOS 6 rolled out?

That’s right! You can now FaceTime on your iPad or iPad MiniĀ using the phone number associated with your Apple ID. The only tricky thing is that when you first upgrade to iOS 6, you may not see the phone number option on your iPad under Settings/FaceTime. This tutorial will show you how to start using your phone number with FaceTime on any iPad.

The key to making this work is that you need to sign into FaceTime on the iPad using an Apple ID account that is associated with the phone number you wish to use. If you have an iPhone and want to make/receive FaceTime calls on your iPad with that phone number, you will need to sign in with the Apple ID associated with that phone number (probably the same one you use on your iPhone).

You Will Need:

  • iPad or iPad Mini with iOS 6 or later
  • Apple ID account with the phone number you wish to use for FaceTime


1. Make sure your iPad is upgraded to the latest version of iOS 6. You can learn how to do so here if you haven’t upgraded yet (it’s free!).

2. On the iPad, open Settings/FaceTime.

3. To be safe, log out of whatever Apple ID you are currently signed in with by touching the button that says “Apple ID: [email address]” and selecting “Sign Out” from the pop-up message.

4. You will then be taken back to the login screen for FaceTime. Enter in the Apple ID and password for the account associated with phone number you want to use for FaceTiming (is that word?!) on the iPad. Click “Sign In”.

5. Once the iPad has verified the login information, you will see a screen displaying the phone number and email address associated with the Apple ID account.

Check the ones you want to use6. By default, both will be checked meaning that you can be reached for FaceTime at either. If you don’t want to use one or the other, uncheck it. Then hit “Next” in the upper right.

In the resulting settings screen for FaceTime, you should see the phone number and Apple ID email under “You can be reached by FaceTime at”. You’re now ready to use FaceTime with your phone number on the iPad.

You're ready to FaceTime with your phone number

Bonus Tip: Under “Caller ID”, place the check mark next to whatever you want others to see you calling from. For example, if you place the check next to your phone number, when you FaceTime someone from the iPad they will see it as coming from that phone number.

If you have any issues setting this up, send me a message and we’ll work through it.

How often do you use FaceTime on your iPad/iPad Mini?


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