How to Use Smiley Faces in iMessage

How to Use Smiley Faces in iMessage

The rumor on the street is that you want to learn how you can put smiley faces in your iMessages. The good news is that you are in luck. Whether you call them smiley faces, emoji, or emoticons, it’s easy to start using emoticon faces and other objects in iMessage. In fact, it can be addicting trying to have entire conversations using only these icons. So give ahead and give it a try!


You Will Need:

  • iOS 5.0 or later (don’t worry, you probably have this already)
  • iPad or iPad Mini or iPhone or iPod Touch



1. Ok, first things first. You need to enable the emoji keyboard on your iPad or iPhone. Click that link and follow the steps to turn on emoticons.

2. To start adding smiley faces in Message, start a new iMessage conversation in the Messages app.

3.  Press the globe icon to switch to the emoji keyboard. This icon is located to the left of the space bar.


4. Now add all the smileys, cars, animals, and random/bizarre emoticons you want into your iMessages! Make sure to check out the different categories and swipe left/right within each category to see the pages and pages of smileys and other shapes. There are some ridiculous and perhaps questionable ones in there, so have fun.

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