How to Use Siri on the iPhone

How to Use Siri on the iPhone 4


Learn how to use Siri, which is the new artificial intelligence assistant that comes with new iPhones.  Siri is a powerful iPhone feature which allows you to ask questions in a normal, conversational way and receive immediate answers from your phone.  This is not your grandfathers voice control program where you need to memorize very specific phrases in order to get information.

You can ask the same question in a variety of ways (examples below) and Siri will answer your question regardless.  Siri also can remember things such as who you were texting/emailing or where you were searching for a restaurant and will incorporate this information into the answers. You can also ask Siri to open an app for you (starting with iOS 6). Follow the simple instructions below to begin using Siri on the iPhone.



You Will Need:

  • iPhone 4s or later
  • Internet connection (wireless or carrier signal)


  1. Press and hold the iPhone’s physical “Home” button to open Siri. Alternatively, you can simply pick up the iPhone when it is awake and hold it to your ear as though you were making a call and Siri will activate. To use the latter, you will need to ensure that the “Raise to Speak” option is turned on under Settings->General->Siri.
  2. Once Siri has opened,  ask a question or ask Siri to perform a task such as emailing or texting. Siri will automatically detect when you have stopped speaking, but you can optionally press the microphone icon (pictured above) to indicate you are done speaking.
  3. If you requested Siri to do something such as send an email or text, Siri will show you a draft of the proposed message before the iPhone sends it.  To send the message,  say “send” or touch the “send” button.

Press this button to talk to Siri








The uses for Siri are almost endless, as are the number of ways you can phrase questions or responses.  Examples for some of the most common activities are below:


“Text Steve, I will meet you at the gym”

“Send a text to Jenny “; [Siri will reply with ‘Ok, I can send a message to Jenny, what would you like it to say?’];  “Where is my money?”


“Is it going to rain today”

“What is the weather for this weekend?”


“Email Mom: Looking forward to seeing you this weekend”

“Send an email to Jake” [Siri will reply with ‘Ok, I can send an email to Jake, what would you like it to say?’]; “Are we still on for tonight?”


“Where is the nearest McDonald’s?”

“How do I get home?”

General Information

“Where is the nearest ATM?”

Launch an App (iOS 6)

“Open Pandora” or Launch Safari”

Sports (iOS 6)

“When do the Bears play the Packers?”  (I don’t need to ask who is going to win….DA BEARS!)

“What is the score of the Blackhawks game?”

Movies (iOS 6)

“I’d like to see a movie”

“What time is Anchorman 2 playing?”

Restaurants (iOS 6)

“What good Mexican restaurants are nearby?”

“Make a reservation at Piece Pizza tonight” (This type of command will ask Siri to use OpenTable to make reservations for you)

Other examples of things that Siri can do include setting alarms/timers, setting up meetings, checking stock prices, and playing music.  For more examples of what you can do, ask Siri “What can you do?” to see a menu full of example phrases. With each release of iOS, Siri continues to gain more and more functionality.

What do you use Siri for? Let everyone know in the comments section below!

4 thoughts on “How to Use Siri on the iPhone

  1. Reply Diana Nov 8,2014 2:05 pm

    When you are done talking to Siri, how do you close the app or turn it off or what ever you want to call it so it doesn’t sit open and suck your battery dry?

    • Reply Dan Feb 28,2015 7:12 pm

      Hi Diana

      You can press the home button again and return to normal use. You can also hit the lock button and that will close out Siri as well.


  2. Reply Simone Sep 20,2012 3:37 pm

    Does this mean iPhone 4 with the iOS 6 update don’t get Siri?

    • Reply Dan Oct 8,2012 7:29 pm

      Hey Simone,

      Unfortunately that is the case…I would have made a different call if I was in charge but unfortunately for iPhone 4 owners throughout the world, I’m not.

      Still a lot of great iOS 6 features for the iPhone 4 though!


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