How to Use Find My iPad

How to Use Find My iPad

Do yourself a favor and learn how to set up Find My iPad, which is a free iCloud service that allows you to locate a lost or stolen iPad.  For anyone using their iPad on the go, whether for business or pleasure, this app is a must. Did we mention that it’s free?  All you need is an iCloud account and you can track down your iPad from any iOS device or computer.

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Instructions to Enable Find My iPad:

  1. In order to use Find My iPad, you will first need to turn on iCloud. This is typically done when you setup a new iPad that came with iOS 5 or when you upgrade an existing device to iOS 5.
  2. Open iCloud settings under Settings -> iCloud and make sure that the “Find My iPad” switch towards the bottom is set to “ON”. When you turn on Find My iPad, a prompt will appear asking you to confirm your selection.  Assuming you are comfortable with the warning that your iPad’s location can now be shown on a map, select “Allow”.  At this point, Find My iPad is now active on your iPad.


Find a Lost iPad from an iOS Device:

  1. Make sure that the “Find iPhone” app is installed on the iOS device (iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad). This is a free app available from the App Store.
  2. Open the “Find iPhone” app and log in using your Apple ID account information.
  3. In the resulting screen, you will see a map with a “Devices” button in the top left. Select “Devices” and then select the iPad or iOS device you wish to locate from the list. The location of the selected device will be shown on the map.


Find a Lost iPad from a Mac or PC

  1. Navigate to on any web browser.
  2. Log in using your Apple ID user name and password.
  3. Select the “Find My iPhone” icon.
  4. You should now see a map with a list of devices in the upper left. Select the device that you wish to locate from the list and its location will be shown.


Note that if you touch/click the device icon on the map, a menu will open up with several options. Select “Play Sound or Send Message” to create a pop up message on the device screen and/or have it play a sound. The sound can be useful for locating the lost iPad if you suspect it is nearby.  The message feature can be useful for displaying something as “Lost iPad! If found, please call 555-555-5555 to return for reward”.  

There are also “Remote Lock” and “Remote Wipe” options. Remote Lock will ensure that your device is locked so that someone can not access or use the iPad. Remote Wipe will erase all data from the iPad, so be very careful when deciding to use this option.