How to Upgrade the iPad to iOS 5.0

How to Upgrade the iPad to iOS 5.0 2

The introduction of iOS 5.0 brings many new exciting features to the iPad. This feature list includes split keyboard, wireless over the air OS updates, and iCloud functionality. Follow these simple steps to learn how to upgrade the iPad to iOS 5.0. Note that although an early beta is available for developers, this post relates to the standard method of upgrading which is what most users will use. This method will be applicable once the final release is made public.


You Will Need:

  • iPad (any generation)
  • iPad to USB cable
  • Mac or PC with iTunes
  • Internet connection (for Mac or PC)



  1. Connect the iPad to the Mac or PC with the cable.
  2. Upon sensing the connected iPad, iTunes should open on the computer. If it does not, open iTunes.
  3. iTunes should now prompt you with a notification indicating that an update is available for the iPad and ask if you wish to update now. Click “update now” to begin upgrading to iOS 5.0. If iTunes does not do this, click the “Check for updates” on the main iPad screen within iTunes.
  4. iTunes will first download and then install iOS 5.0 on the iPad. Do not unplug the iPad during this time.
  5. The iPad will restart after the update is complete and result in a “Swipe to Unlock” screen.

Next, learn how to configure iOS 5.0 on the iPad in our follow up post.

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