How to Unfreeze an iPad

How to Unfreeze an iPad

Like any gadget, iPads do occasionally become frozen and unresponsive.  In these situations, it is important to know how to fix a frozen iPad.  This takes only a few seconds and is simple to do.
You Will Need:

  • iPad


  1. Simultaneously press and hold the “Home” button and the “Lock” button for up to 10 seconds.  The “Home” button is the button on the front of the iPad and the “Lock” button is the one on top, just around the corner from the volume buttons.
  2. After a number of seconds the iPad screen will turn off as the device restarts.  The Apple logo will appear on the screen as the iPad reboots.  This start-up may take slightly longer than normal.

Once the iPad has restarted you will be able to carry on with whatever you were doing.  Make sure to keep your iPad updated to minimize the possibility of freezing or other errors.  If the above steps do not unfreeze your device, make sure you held down the buttons long enough in step #1. If this still does not work, take the device to the nearest Apple store.