How to Turn On Private Browsing on the iPad

Starting with  iOS 5.0, iPad and iPhone users had the ability to turn on or enable private browsing in Safari.  This feature allows you to browse internet pages on the iPad without a record of your activities being stored in Safari’s history. Since iOS 5, Apple has made it even easier to use private browsing on your iOS device. You no longer even need to go into the settings as shown below:

This is how you used to have to turn on private browsing

You Will Need

  • iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch


  1. Open the Safari app on your iPad or iPhone by tapping the Safari icon.
  2. Next, touch the    icon in the bottom right corner. This is the same button that allows you to switch browsing windows, but also gives you access to private browsing.
  3. Select “Private” in the bottom left of the next screen to turn on private browsing.
  4. A pop-up will appear asking if you want to “Close All” or “Keep All” existing pages (or cancel). Make your selection and private browsing will now be open.
  5. You will know private browsing is on because the color of the menu bars in Safari will be a dark grey when active.
  6. To turn off private browsing on the iPhone, just reverse the directions above. The menu bars in Safari will be a very light grey when inactive.

Simply reverse the above directions at any time to turn off private browsing.

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