How to Turn on Private Browsing on an iPhone

How to Turn on Private Browsing on an iPhone

Updated 2/26/2015:A useful feature on the iPhone is the ability to use private browsing.  Once private browsing is enabled, the iPhone will no longer store data regarding your browsing history. This can be helpful if you are working on sensitive client information and don’t want a record of it or have other reasons for keeping your online activities quiet. This option can be turned on and off depending on whether or not you require this mode.  Follow the instructions below to get started:

You Will Need:

  • iPhone (any generation)


1. Open Safari.
2. Press the button in the bottom left (same one you press to open another window).

enable private browsing
3. Select “Private” in the bottom left to enable private browsing.

turn on iphone private browsing 2
4. To turn off private browsing, just press the button again to go back into standard mode.

When you surf the internet on the iPhone while in Private Browsing mode, Safari  will have a darker color scheme indicating that the feature is enabled.