How to Turn on Private Browsing on an iPhone

A useful new feature in iOS 5.0 is the ability to use private browsing on the iPhone.  Once private browsing is enabled, the iPhone will no longer store data regarding your browsing history.  This option can be turned on and off depending on whether or not you require this mode.  Follow the instructions below to get started:

Enable private browsing on iPhone for Safari









You Will Need:

  • iPhone with iOS 5.0 or later


  1. Open the iPhone Settings app by touching the appropriate icon from the home screen.
  2. Scroll down and press “Safari” to open the iPhone browser settings.
  3. Under “Privacy”, turn the switch next to “Private Browsing” to “ON”.  This will activate private browsing on the iPhone.  This is obviously also the same location where it can be turned off. Note that you can also modify the “Accept Cookies” setting right below the “Private Browsing” option.

When you surf the internet on the iPhone while in Private Browsing mode, Safari  will have a darker color scheme indicating that the feature is enabled.