How to Turn off or Enable 4G LTE on an iPad

How to Turn off or Enable 4G LTE on an iPad

Despite the lightning fast speed that 4G LTE can provide, there are times where you will want to turn off 4G LTE on your iPad 3. You might ask why anyone would want to disable LTE on the iPad and the primary reason is for battery life. Although LTE is very fast, it also drains your iPad’s battery more than if it was off. ┬áThus, for periods of time where you do not need network access such as on a plane, it is wise to turn off 4G LTE on the iPad if you want to maximize battery life.. Follow these simple instructions to learn how to enable and turn off 4G on the iPad 3.

You Will Need

  • iPad 3 (or later) with 4G LTE


  1. To turn 4G LTE on and off on the iPad, first open the Settings app.
  2. Next select “Cellular Data” from the menu on the left hand side of the screen.
  3. The switch to enable and disable 4G LTE on the iPad 3 is second from the top in the Cellular Data settings screen. Toggle the switch to “OFF” to turn off the iPad’s 4G LTE and “ON” to turn it back on.

That is all that is necessary to turn the iPad 3’s 4G LTE on and off. Check out some other techniques for improving iPad 3 battery life.