How to Set Up the iPhone 5

How to Set Up the iPhone 5

Yay! You’ve got the brand new iPhone! Now what?

Oh, I know… read this tutorial on how to setup the iPhone 5!

This guide will walk you through how to configure your new iPhone for the first time. Whether you are new to the wide world of iPhones or an established Apple addict, this is where you want to be. As always if you have a question you don’t see answered here (impossible!!!) you can always ask me.

Initial iPhone 5 Setup: Out of the Box

As some of you probably know, Apple makes the initial setup for the iPhone fairly easy. Nonetheless, questions can still pop up regarding which options you should enable as you set up the iPhone 5.

My goal with this tutorial is to hold you by the metaphorical hand and give you tips as we walk through the setup process. I’ll let you know what I would recommend doing if I were you, which I would love to be.

Ready? Let’s go…

1. Turn on your new iPhone. It will already come with a full charge so there is need to plug it in before turning it on.

2.  The first iPhone configuration screen is language selection. Select whatever language you wish to be the primary language for your iPhone and it will move on to the next screen.

3. Select your country on the next screen. Pretty easy so far right?

4. Next up is location services. Select either “Enable…” or “Disable…” to control whether or not apps on your new iPhone are able to use your GPS location. Using Location Services will drain battery faster so I recommend choosing “Enable…” but limiting which apps can use Location Services.

Setting up the iPhone
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5. This next screen is your WiFi setup. Connect to your wireless network like you normally would using the network name (SSID) and password. If you don’t have a wireless network available, fear not…you can select “Use Cellular Connection”.

6. In the next setup screen your iPhone will activate itself.

7. Now you get to the uber exciting part. You can configure the iPhone 5 as a new device or restore from a backup by selecting from the following:

a. Set Up As New iPhone- For any first time iPhone owners, this is where you want to be. Select this and the iPhone will walk you through a number of first time setup options such as naming your iPhone, iCloud setup, and other preferences.

b. Restore from iCloud Backup- Obviously this requires that you backed up your old iPhone to iCloud.

c. Restore from iTunes Backup- You must be connected to your Mac or PC in order to restore from an iTunes backup. Of course, you must also have backed up your previous iPhone to iTunes.

Note that either of the restore options will bring in most of your old iPhone’s data and settings including (per Apple):

Backed-up information includes purchased music, TV shows, apps, and books; photos and video in the Camera Roll; device settings (for example, Phone Favorites, Wallpaper, and Mail, Contacts, Calendar accounts); app data; Home screen and app organization; Messages (iMessage, SMS, and MMS), ringtones, and more. Media files synced from your computer aren’t backed up, but can be restored by syncing with iTunes.

8. Sign in with your Apple ID by pressing the button with this phrase and then entering your login info. If you don’t have an Apple ID, select “Create An Apple ID” and it will walk you through the Apple ID creation process. Once you sign in you will need to agree to the terms and conditions (sorry, not much choice here).

9. Next we have iCloud setup. Select “Use iCloud” or “Don’t Use iCloud” depending on your preference. As a reminder, here is everything iCloud has to offer.

10. If you do use iCloud, you will then be asked whether you want to Backup to iCloud or Backup to My Computer.

11. The next option in the iPhone setup is one that I recommend every do which is Find My iPhone. In the frightening event you lose your iPhone, you may be able to recover it using this feature. Select “Find My iPhone” or “Don’t Use Find My iPhone” based on your preference for danger.

12. Everyone’s favorite feature Siri is next in our setup extravaganza. Select “Use Siri” or “Don’t Use Siri”. I highly recommend selecting “Use Siri” and then learning how to do so here.

13. The ever exciting Diagnostics setup is next. Diagnostics basically sends Apple anonymous data regarding your iPhone which helps them debug and improve their products. I recommend pressing “Don’t Send” as this can waste previous battery, which I discuss further here.

Almost Done…hang in there

13. The final setup screen gives you the option to Register your iPhone using your Apple ID. I recommend you do this for any potential support/warranty issues down the road.

14. Now just select “Start Using iPhone” from the final setup page and you are ready to rock.

At this point, you are ready to go and play with your new iPhone to your heart’s content.  If you want to go beyond the initial setup and more in depth, check out the additional set up instructions below.

How to Set Up Email on the iPhone 5:

1. Open Settings -> Mail, Contacts, Calendars.

2. Select “Add Acount…”

3. Select the type of email service you will use (Gmail, Yahoo, etc.). Select “Other” if you do not see your email provider on the list.

4. Follow the on-screen prompts to complete the email setup. You will need to type in the name (yours) associated with the account, email (login) and password, and description for the account. The description is what will show up in the iPhone Mail app.

How to Set Up Facebook and Twitter on the iPhone 5

With iOS 6, both Facebook and Twitter are directly integrated into the iPhone (this also applies to the iPad). This means that you can easily Share or Tweet things directly from other applications. For example, you can directly Tweet or Share a picture that someone sends you directly from the Mail app.

1. Open Settings -> Twitter or Settings -> Facebook depending on which social network you want to set up.

2. Enter your login and password for this social network and click “Sign In”.

How to Connect to a Different Wireless Network on the new iPhone

1. Open Settings -> Wi-Fi and make sure the Wi-Fi switch is set to ON.

2. Either choose a network from the resulting list or if you do not see the network you wish to connect to select “Other…”

3. If necessary, you will need to enter a password and/or login details on the next screen. If you selected “Other…” in Step 2, you will also have to type in the network name under “Name”.

4. Click “Join” to connect to the WiFi network on the iPhone 5.

For one final tip, I highly suggest you read an earlier post on this site about how to optimize the iPhone 5’s battery life. After all, we don’t want your iPhone dying just as you are about to take out that last green pig.

That’s it, enjoy your new iPhone!

What other steps will/did you take to customize and setup your new iPhone?  Share your advice in the comments section…

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