How to Remove an iPad Screen Protector

How to Remove an iPad Screen Protector

Everyone knows that screen protectors are a great way to protect your iPad’s screen.  They are relatively inexpensive, dont impact touchscreen function, and most importantly protect your screen from scratches and worse.  However there may come a time when you no longer want an iPad screen protector, whether you are looking to replace it or decide it is no longer necessary.  Learn how to remove the screen protector in a few simple steps.



You Will Need:

  • Microfiber cloth
  • iPad with screen protector (obviously)


  1. To begin removing the screen protector, pry at one of the four corners with your finger nail to gain a slight lift.  If your finger nail is too short or long (ouch) to do this, try using a thin plastic object such as a plastic knife. Even with a plastic knife, you will need to be very careful when doing this. Never use any type of metal object to pry at the screen protector!
  2. Once the screen protector begins to lift off, remove the entire film in one clean motion.
  3. Clean the iPad’s screen using the microfiber cloth.  There will likely be a rim of dirt around the perimeter of where the screen protector had been.  Continue to buff out with the microfiber cloth until the screen is clean.  If necessary, breath on the screen to apply a very small amount of moisture to the screen and then wipe with the microfiber cloth.

Never use any cleaning products on your iPad screen such as Windex, 409, etc. as this may cause damage.  The same goes for cleaning an iPad screen protector as these chemicals may damage the screen protector and hamper visibility.

Keep in mind that as an alternative to a screen protector, you can use the Apple Smart Cover on an iPad 2 to protect the screen.

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