How to Improve iPhone 5 Battery Life

How to Improve iPhone 5 Battery Life 2

With all the rampant iPhone 5 speculation and comparisons, one thing that is a given is that people will be looking for ways to extend the iPhone 5’s battery life. Although Apple tends to put battery life at the forefront of all it’s mobile designs (one of the reasons the iPhone 4s didn’t have 4G), there is always room for improvement. Lucky for you, boosting the battery life of the iPhone 5 is a new special on this menu.

In this article, I’ll show you all the ways you can improve the new iPhone’s battery life. Some of these battery extending tips are no-brainers that everyone and their mom should implement. Others are for those of us who like to roll the toothpaste tube impossibly thin and are looking to juice every last nanosecond out of the iPhone battery.

If you have other suggestions for how to optimizing the battery life on the new iPhone 5 share them with everyone in the comments section below this post. You could be famous!

Extend the iPhone 5 battery life

The No Brainers

If you own an iPhone 5, you need extend your battery life with these tips. No question about it.

  • Turn On Screen Auto-Lock: Under Settings -> Auto-Lock, select a time interval (1-5 minutes) after which your iPhone 5 will automatically lock and turn off the screen. I’d recommend using this with Passcode Lock to ensure that your phone locks itself with a password as well. This will stop your iPhone screen from staying on when you don’t need it.
  • Turn On Screen Auto-Brightness: Mosey on over to Settings -> Brightness and turn Auto-Brightness on. This will let your iPhone intelligently adjust the screen brightness based on the amount of light around you. Your iPhone’s battery and your retinas will thank you.
  • Limit The Apps That Use Location Services: Why in the world does Shazam need to know your location? I have no idea, but I do know that a good way to save battery is by going into Settings -> Location Services and limiting which apps can use your location. Apps that use Location Services are big battery hogs, so only give permission to those that you really want using it in order to increase your iPhone 5’s battery life. Limiting apps that use Location Services is also a good way to control privacy on your iPhone as well.
  • Limit the Apps That Use Notifications: Two gold stars if you guessed that this was the next one. Just like Location Services can eat up battery life, so too can notifications. Notifications include the red circles that show up on app icons, alerts that pop up and banners that show up on the top of the screen. Keeping track of these notifications for all the apps on your new iPhone can use up its battery life, so turn it off when possible. Do you really need pop-ups from Angry Birds reminding you to squash more green pigs?
  • Turn Off System Services Location Services: No I didn’t make this tongue twister up, it’s an actual tip that will improve your new iPhone’s battery life. Under Settings -> Location Services -> System Services (you’ll need to scroll way down in Location Services) you’ll find a bunch of non-app related Location Services options. I’d recommend minimally turning off Compass Calibration, Diagnostics & Usage, and Location-Based iAds. The names of these services are pretty self-explanatory and aren’t really going to brighten your day by being on. You can go further and turn off others if you want, such as Traffic which uploads your location data to help in generating traffic data for Maps.
  • Periodically Close Apps Not Being Used : It’s a good idea to occasionally close out the zillions of apps that are likely open in the background. Do this by first double tapping the home button and then press and hold an app icon at the bottom of the screen. Once the apps start wiggling like they have to pee, press the red circles in the upper left of the app icons to close the apps. This will help your battery life and should also let the iPhone 5 run as fast as possible.

The Probably Worthwhile Ones

For most people, these are are worthwhile tips to conserve your iPhone battery power with very limited downside.

  • Turn Off Push Email: If you’re not a fancy pants business person, you probably don’t need push email on. Push email allows email you receive to instantly show up, rather than being fetched on a regular time interval. Head over to Settings -> Mail, Contacts, Calendars -> Fetch New Data and turn Push off. Below this option you can select how often you’d like email to be retrieved. Under Advanced at the bottom of the screen you can customize this option for each account (to some extent).
  • Limit What You Sync With iCloud:  The more you sync with iCloud, the more your iPhone 5’s battery secretly cries. Only sync what you really need by selecting them in Settings -> iCloud. Photo Stream is typically the biggest offender as far as the amount of battery it drains.

Not For The Feint of Heart

For the battery life fanatics….improve your battery life at your own risk.

  • Turn Off 3G/4G LTE: It just sounds painful, doesn’t it? But it will improve the battery life of your new iPhone. You can take this painful step under Settings -> General.
  • Turn Off Location Services: Rather than going through app by app, you can turn off Location Services entirely under Settings -> Location Services to ensure that no apps are sipping from your battery by using GPS. Keep in mind this includes the Maps app…hope you know your way around town.
  • Turn Off Notifications: Less notifications= more battery, so if you want to go all the way turn this off under Settings -> Notifications.
  • Turn Off Bluetooth: Not only will you save battery, but you also won’t look like “that guy”. Turn off Bluetooth under Settings -> General -> Bluetooth.

If you have no need to communicate with the outside world, turning on Airplane Mode at the top of the Settings screen will turn off all data (including 3G/4G and WiFi) as well as Bluetooth in one easy step. Remember silent mode in The Hunt for Red October? It’s like that.

I intend to add to this list of tips with more ways of increasing your iPhone 5’s battery life as I come across them so check back occasionally for more suggestions. Be sure to like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter to stay up to date.

If you know of other good ways to maximize iPhone 5 battery life that are not mentioned here, do us all a solid (remember that phrase?) and share it in the comments section below!

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  1. Reply Sally Aug 27,2012 12:07 pm

    I just got my first of the tips for Ipad. I was amazed how easy they were to follow, and I immediately used them! So many instructions are just too difficult to follow; yours are simple, in easy-to-understand words! I’ll be looking forward to more.

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