How to Fix No Sound on an iPad

How to Fix No Sound on an iPad

Are you trying to play your favorite game or song on the iPad only to find that no sound is coming out of the speakers? After checking to make sure you haven’t lost your hearing (go ahead…try clapping your hands), there are a few things you can do to get your sound back. It’s nothing to be embarrassed about either. I think most people would be surprised by how many emails I get asking how to turn the sound back on for their iPad or iPhone.

Once you’ve un-muted the iPad, there are actually a couple of places that you can adjust sound from. I’ll let you know about all of them just so you can brag to your friends.


You Will Need:

  • iPad or iPad Mini (any generation)


1. To turn your iPad’s sound on, first go and double tap the home button to bring up the multitasking menu.

2. Next, scroll to the far left (read: swipe finger from left to right) until you see the volume slider. Also be sure to notice the mute button on the far left.

3. Make sure that the mute button is not activated. If mute is activated, this was your problem and you will see a line through the speaker icon as shown above. To un-mute the iPad, just press the mute button once so that the line is no longer showing. Keep in mind that you can also mute and re-mute the iPad using the switch on the side (assuming “Mute” is activated under Settings/General/Use Side Switch To).

4. Move the volume slider (on the right side of the image above) to the right to adjust the volume. You can also use the volume buttons on the side of the iPad.

This should solve your no sound blues on the iPad. If for some reason you are still having issues, try doing a forced restart of the iPad by pressing and holding the Home button and Sleep/Wakebutton (on top) at the same time for about 5 seconds. This will cause the iPad to restart.

Now you will be able to hear each annoying iMessage as they come through!

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