Best iPad 3 Games

Best iPad 3 Games

With the new iPad’s high-resolution retina display screen and quad-core graphics processor, many owners are looking for the best iPad 3 games to take advantage of all these new features. Like any of the great new iPad apps, the coolest iPad 3 games are those that fully utilize the upgraded hardware. Keep in mind that prices for gaming apps on the iPad range from free to surprisingly expensive. Many games will have free or Lite versions which will let you take the game for a spin before you buy. We also recommend reading through some of the reviews for an app (especially if its a pricey one) prior to buying.

Real Racing 2 HD is a racing game for the iPad 3 that has phenomenal graphics. The game features a wide range of racetracks as well as cars for you to play with. A very cool feature in this game is that it supports a two display mode if used with an HDTV. This means that you see the racing action on the TV, while the iPad screen shows information such as location on the track and other stats. Of course the game looks stunning on your iPad 3’s screen as well. If you want to experience racing action and behold the full abilities of your new iPad’s screen, check this app out for $6.99

Sky Gamblers: Air Supremacy is a great jet fighter game for the iPad 3. This game is similar to the Ace Combat series in gameplay and also takes great advantage of the iPad 3’s improved screen and graphics capabilities.

All of the Call of Duty and Battlefield iPad owners should get their hands (or fingers) on Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation. The game is a rails shooter meaning you primarily worry about aiming and shooting while the game moves you through the levels. The graphics need to be seen to believed.

Honorable Mentions

Although these games don’t particularly take great advantage of the iPad 3’s retina display or improved graphics processor (even as they get updated), they are solid iPad games that are incredibly addictive and are worth a mention. There are free versions of just about all of these gaming apps so you can try before you buy.

  • Angry Birds (look for Angry Birds in Space on the iPad soon)- If you haven’t heard of this series, I’d like to meet you.
  • Draw Something– Addictive Pictionary-like game that you play with friends online.
  • Words with Friends– Another addictive online game that is similar to scrabble
  • Drop7– Hard to describe until you play, but if you like games like Tetris (thinking and things falling from the top of the screen) you will spend hours on end playing this game.

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