Best iPad 3 Apps

Best iPad 3 Apps

It’s no secret that the best iPad 3 apps are the ones that take advantage of the improvements that the new iPad brings to the table, but what are these apps? Whether you are looking for the best iPad 3 games or business apps, the new iPad 3 features improve all users’ app experience.

The plethora of iPad 3 specific apps will soon flood the App Store, talking advantage of the iPad 3’s improved hardware which includes:

  • High resolution retina display (fantastic for gamers and photo junkies)
  • Quad core graphics processing
  • Better rear camera (again great for photo junkies)

Facetime is an obvious app that significantly benefits from the iPad 3’s hardware improvements. In fact, Facetime takes advantage of nearly every improvement the iPad 3 brings to the table.

In a similar way, the new iPhoto for iPad app also makes great use of both the iPad 3’s improved rear camera as well as the retina display. Obviously iPhoto can also be purchased for previous generation iPads, but neither can fully utilize it like the new iPad can.

For the gamers out there, Infinity Blade Dungeons is the next installment in the wildly popular Infinity Blade series. The original Infinity Blade games set new boundaries for what a game on the iPad could look like and this latest installment pushes those boundaries even further. There is also Sky Gamblers which is another game that has been optimized for the new retina display and takes advantage of the quad-core graphic processing. Anyone familiar with Ace Combat 6 should feel right at home with this game. In our opinion, one of the best iPad flight simulator apps is CHAOS HD (there is also a free version just called CHAOS). CHAOS HD is actually a helicopter flight simulator where you can engage in single player games or online multiplayer games. The controls are absolutely excellent and the graphics are great (even in the free version). Definitely check this one out if you are a fan of flight simulator apps.

Sketchbook Ink by Autodesk is yet another iPad 3 app that was built from the start to take advantage of the new iPad’s capabilities. This is a must have app for those creative types out there.

There is no issue of backwards compatibility with the new iPad 3. Any apps that you had for your original iPad or iPad 2 will work even better and faster on the iPad 3. They just will not be able to take full advantage of the iPad 3’s hardware. Many app developers will be “upgrading” their existing apps to make use of the retina display resolution, but to be clear there is no reason be concerned about your old apps working properly.